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    felt pillow cover
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    two sides
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    pressed and boiled wool
    It is hand felted with the best quality wool. The designs are neither print nor paint, they are inserted by hand.

    I used another handmade felt for backing this pillow cover and both parts are all lined with felted interface fabric.

    This pillow cover can be used on each side and the hidden zipper is at the edge.

    Felt is one of the oldest ways of making fabric, it is thought to have been around for about 8000 years. It was probably discovered when wool was placed inside foot coverings to help insulate them. Sweaty feet and vigorous agitation from walking soon matted the wool into a strong, warm fibre that could be cut and sewn into various other garments - albeit smelly ones in those days.

    Archaeological evidence shows that from very early on, people had discovered the tendency for fibres to mat together when warm and damp, many years before they learnt how to spin and weave yarn.
    One of the oldest fabrics known to man, felt developed as an important element in the nomadic lifestyle of Central Asia, in an area which the Chinese once referred to as the "land of felt". From the ninth century onwards, as Turkic tribes began to head west, they brought with them their felt-making traditions.
    Felt-making grew up alongside the domestication of sheep, goats and camels and predates the invention of spinning and weaving. Early Turco-Mongolian tribes used felt as a hardy tent covering, for shoes, saddle blankets and bags. Then as now, it was also made into warm cloaks, hats, gaiters and rugs.
    Today in different parts of Anatolia the method is still being used widely for utilitarian objects  such as floor coverings , mats, bags , clothing etc.. 

    No insert, no filler
    Dry clean only.
    Please convo for detailed orders.


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